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Hi, I'm Rose Folsom
Founder of

I'm a Lay Dominican* who's hooked on Virtues like Patience, Kindness, and Courage -- and how they can transform us into the
holy people God intended us to be!

Now (tah dah!) I'm throwing open the doors to my
Virtue Circle
—a Catholic "mastermind" where we go deeper in our faith together
and discover how to practice the Virtues that bring
peace, joy, and happiness.

Here's what Joyce loves about her membership:
"Virtue Circle has really helped me overcome a lot of obstacles,
ups and downs, to stay strong in my faith."

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*Required disclaimer: I don't speak for the whole Dominican Order :)

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Virtues are strengths of soul.

Virtues are habits that make us the good person God intended.
Virtues help us fully live out our Sacramental life in Christ.
Virtues improve all our relationships.

for Peace, Perfection, and Happiness

Let us try harder for virtue and abandon bad habits ... for if we try hard to do good, peace will always
be with us.
from a 2nd-century sermon

It is part of the love of God to acquire and to nurture all the virtues which make us perfect. St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church

Happiness is secured through virtue.
St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church

Are you ready to take advantage of this
treasure of spiritual goodness?

It’s at your fingertips now—are you in?

"I went to Mass and adoration and prayed the Rosary, but I never thought about God throughout the day until your program." Rita

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Virtue Circle Members
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  • Short videos, audios, and PDFs throughout each month to:

    - boost your ability to
    be a Christ-like leader at work and at home

    - boost your
    practical knowledge of how to live virtues like humility, patience, and courage

    inspire you with stories of "saintly CEOs" who struggled as we do -- and won
  • A tracker to measure your progress in the spiritual life
  • LIVE monthly zoom open-house when we'll:
    - celebrate our wins
    - get coached by Rose
    - soak in the wisdom and enjoy the fellowship of your fellow Virtuosos!
  • Access to all recordings, in case you miss a gathering!
  • Special gatherings where you get to ask questions of the experts, such as visiting Priests and authors of popular Catholic books.
  • Bonuses like inspirational audio files you can take with you anywhere.

“Virtue Circle has given me a close relationship with God. I have a new awareness of Him with me.” – Sue C.

"I can't believe how excited I am to be a part of the Virtue Circle! I was hesitant to join but it is good beyond my expectations. Janice H.

Rose has a way of connecting with each person and her enthusiasm is contagious!" – Suzanne L.

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who are gaining more peace, joy, and confidence.

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What Members are saying about Virtue Circle

"It keeps me in a positive attitude. I learned a lot from Rose and from the other women." Joyce

"Virtue Circle has opened my mind and heart to things in our faith that I never realized before." Karen

"The content is feeding me with the knowledge that is so helpful day by day. I'm grateful for this time together." Cecilia

"Rose has that gift of putting things together so nicely – I love to learn from her how I can love the Lord better." Marcela

"I enjoy the camaraderie because most of my friends are not Catholic — I don't really have anybody else to discuss things with." Susan

"I’ve increased my prayer time because of what Rose has given us." Janice

"I really enjoy it being able to connect with other people the fellowship." Melanie

"I was having a bad day yesterday – and I knew that I was gonna come to Virtue Circle and get some kind of hope. I knew that in this group, our eyes would be on Jesus." Rita

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